QOHSE Mission

MCS’s Top Management shall allocate the QOHSE area of Responsibility, Authority, Accountability and the interrelation of personnel who manage, perform & verify work affecting OHS, shall be defined and documented. We shall work as a team and commit to complying with the applicable legal requirements and continually improving our management quality including anti-terrorism prevention actions, using ISO 9001, SS 506:Part 1 2009 / OHSAS 18001/45001 and ISO 14001 as management tools.

1. Alcohol and drugs
Possession, distribution or working under the alcohol influence is forbidden. Random tests may be carried out.

2. Personal Protective Equipment
6 pieces of PPE to be in possession at all times.

Wear as minimum at all time: Wear as necessary
Safety Helmet Gloves
Safety Footwear Ear Protection
High-visibility Vest Eye Protection

3. Traffic Control
Clear segregation of road access between vehicles and pedestrians with hard barriers, signage

4. Pre-task briefing
The workers start their day with a warm-up and daily briefing. They will formally share any experiences from the previous day whilst being allocated new tasks for the day ahead (including potential risks identification).

5. Risk analysis
No work to commence without an approved method statement or risk assessment.

6. Hazardous energy control
All live panels, distribution boxes, switch rooms etc. to be locked at all times.

7. Tools
Beware of pinch points and expect the unexpected. Appropriate gloves to be used for handling and carrying equipment. Use correct and well maintained tools for the task.

8. Collective protection
Edges, floor openings, shafts, stairs etc must be protected with fall protection system on all sides.

9. Work at height
All round fall protection system must be used where possible, must be rigid and fit for purpose to prevent fall of persons/ materials/ tools. Ladders are NOT to be used as working platforms.

10. Intervention
You have a duty to stop work if you have any concerns for your own or the safety of others. If you see an unsafe condition/unsafe act, fix it or report it to supervisor.